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28 Jun, a site based in China gadget associated with PayPal online, created a new product life since the day of toys from Cartoon stars in an attempt to serve more customers with different needs. has about 300 products as part of the category Cartoon figures, and with the addition of new models of everyday life. Some of the comics on the shelf from Hollywood stars such as Mickey Mouse, Spiderman, Superman, and Shrek. "They are popular all over the world and of all time," said Anuar, 25, leader of the online store.

Anuar says, he was a fan of Mickey Mouse when he was very young, and her five year old son also loves. "I want to buy comic character toys for my child because I love them too. If you want to be a friend to your children, you must have something in common, "added the executive.

In addition, Hollywood productions, a Japanese cartoon stars are also highlighted

Westerners do not know much about Doraemon, Saint Seya, and Ninja Hokage, but for many Asians, such as the names are a part of their childhood, according to another executive named Lisa. Asians are more likely to accept preached to the spirits of Japanese makes similar cultures, but some of the spirits are universal, such as the sense of responsibility, courage and care work, he said. All data from Japanese-made cartoon, you may be more popular than anyone in the world, Super Mario, who is also shelf.

The cost of workshop is to help customers more try barbecue in the world at an affordable cost, so it’s a great effort to expand its product line, Lisa says the author. "A few weeks later, you can find cartoon character product you want at our store," he expected.

In addition, has long been in the low price strategy against its competitors. It delivers products all over the world to zero load, to change the prices of other stores down the changes, and offers many items that are preferential to others, "according to compare the writer.

Trusted Online Shop

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